Beginning November 9th St. Mark's will have two Sunday Eucharist Services

8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

At 9:30 Education Classes are held at St. Mark's Center for children and at the Church for adults. A nursery is available at the Center during the 10:30 service.

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In a world in which our understanding of God's love is still unfolding, we at St. Mark's are a diverse, welcoming, lay led, total ministry, Christ-centered community engaged in Ministry always shaped by The Episcopal Church's example of love and service for all throughout the world.

We meet at the historic Union Church, 1004 11th Street in Port Royal (29935). Coffee is served at the Church following the 8:30 Service and a reception is held at St. Mark's Center (1110 Paris Ave,) following the 10:30 service.

We hope you can join us in our worship of praise and thanksgiving.

Worship that welcomes your participation.

Theology that invites questions and requires our intelligence as well as our discerning hearts.

Heritage founded on the authority of scripture, tradition, and reason.

Fellowship that welcomes diversity and differences of opinion.

Devotion to the Biblical Sacraments instituted by Jesus, in all their awe and mystery.

A sense of ministry that is the privilege and obligation of every baptized person.

An insistence upon morality (what is good and loving) and an avoidance of moralism.

The heritage of Apostolic faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the Apostolic order which He gave the Church.